Health and safety

The safety and wellbeing of our employees and those in our care is one of our key priorities. Our goal is zero harm.

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almajalG4S consider its employees its greatest assets. Ensuring their well-being is our highest priority. Therefore, we strive to create a work environment that is incident and injury free.  The nature of our work and the environment we operate within means that Health and safety present a strategic risk to our business. We believe that Health and Safety is everyones' responsibility. We maintain setting the highest standards for it across our businesses to keep our colleagues safe and builds loyalty and commitment to almajalG4S from our employees. Leading by example and having expertise in health and safety gives not only our employees, but also our customers and other stakeholders, confidence in the behavior of the company they are dealing with. Hence, they will be relaxed to offer more business.  All managers are required to enhance Health and Safety of their businesses ensuring that their team are aware of hazards surrounding them, providing them the needed support.   

We recognize that our businesses operate in different contexts and face varying levels of risk. The almajalG4S health and safety strategy sets the framework and provides a vision of how each business can progress from a level of compliance with health and safety regulation to a level of differentiation where we lead the industry in health and safety. All businesses assess their performance against a set of core health and safety standards. Compliance is monitored and periodically audited to evaluate its performance. recommend improvements and act on them. 


The process of building capability to continuously improve our management of health and safety issues, eliminating fatal incidents and potentially fatal risks, continued during 2017:

Themed programmes were implemented, targeting risk areas that are common to many of our businesses. As road safety policy remains the largest category of fatal incidents, a almajal G4S road safety policy was issued to businesses in 2015. This follows on from the implementation of the Driving Force Rules the previous year. However, the driving training program started on 2013 through 2014 where around 1700 drivers were trained and qualified. Thus, improving one of the leading cause of work related accidents leading to injuries.  Other health and safety training programs were introduced to direct staff to include the ones pertain to highest potential incidents. In addition to The Zero harm program implementation on 2015 to ensure that good safety practices are performed, documented and actions acted upon.  All Business/ Project Managers and leads were trained in all regions of the kingdom.  Activities like Safety Walk and Talk SWAT, Toolbox Talk, Hazard identification, H&S meetings, Near Miss…etc. are daily practiced to assure preventing harm.

After the introduction of mandatory health and safety training for senior leaders in 2014, training was extended to the wider management population. This online course, which was developed based on almajal G4S health and safety management system and relevant operational scenarios, was completed by the majority of the management in 2015. It focused on the role of the leader in improving performance, positively influencing safety culture and raising awareness of significant safety risks across the organisation.

A project to harmonize our approach to recording injuries across the group was initiated during 2015.

‘Safety first’ bulletins were used to share the lessons learned following the investigation of serious incidents. The lessons were further embedded by revising the group’s health and safety standards to better address the risks that led to these incidents.

The health and safety management system was further developed, by providing guidance to businesses on topics relevant to almajal G4S lines of business, for example guidance on the analysis of serious safety incidents related to attacks on security officers.

All fatal and permanently disabling incidents are reported and investigated through a standardised process, which is led by the managing director of the business unit concerned. The implementation of action plans to prevent further incidents in countries where there have been multiple fatalities is monitored through in-depth visits and senior management follow-up as part of critical country reviews.

almajal G4S adopts the standard process for reporting and investigating workplace injuries. Improvement targets are set at business level and are based on factors such as the business’s risk profile and local statutory reporting requirements.

The enforcement of the said Health and safety programs paid off in reducing the fatalities and serious injuries dramatically. This is evidence of the positive influence of applying these programs.


Our main health and safety priorities during 2017 are to continue to drive behavior change so colleagues across the organisation take personal responsibility for role modelling good health and safety behaviors and for ensuring compliance with the operational procedures designed to keep them safe. We will do this by:

  • Ensuring that health and safety is practiced by everyone and it is an integral part of how we do business.
  • Enforcing Safety Improvement Plan for management making each accountable for it.
  • Monitoring and controlling the work related incidents by applying the appropriate control tools, education of our staff and suitable Personal Protective Equipment PPEs.
  • Engaging management in the implementation of health and safety making it linked directly to their performance appraisals.
  • Providing means of receiving employee's concerns on health and safety and act on them.
  • Improving the safety standard of our direct line employees.
  • Making Risk Assessment part of evaluating sites where our employees work to make them safer.
  • Enforce the roles of branches champions and projects officers to play bigger roles.  

almajal g4s value

Values are the standards we set for ourselves and the culture of the organisation is the way those values are reflected in our behaviours and actions.